Midweek Snoozefest

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why can't I stay caught up with this blog?! Oh, yeah. It's because I have no computer for myself at home and work has remained relatively crazy. I think the moral of the story is that I need my Guy around more often so I can post in the evenings. Or maybe just because I like him. Whatever.

Highlights from the past few days:
1. I had to catch and release the cutest, most bright green lizard from a bathroom yesterday in boss lady's house. Watching him skitter up the wall was a treat.
2. I know a check was written for the time I put into the Gala from the past several weeks. Now I just need to get hold of it. I want the moolah in my bank account, I worked hard for it!
3. I broke my blow dryer. It lasted through 5 years of intermittent use due to my laziness. That isn't a terrible lifespan, right?
4. My Guy and I fell asleep like gluttons last night- with cups of tequila-spiked cider, Sour Cream & Onion Chips, and watching "Monsters Inc." in bed. Magic.
Pants: Zara...Blouse: Odille via Buffalo Exchange...Blazer: Gap...Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Piperlime...Necklace: Thrifted

30 Days Hath November (halfway mark and I'm still loving the daily directives So Fawned has put in place!)
Day 15: Some style inspiration for the season. 

And Day 16: Someone who inspires me.
Lately, that would be my younger sister, Sissy A. She's wildly intelligent, independent, hysterically sarcastic, practical in all the right ways, thoughtful and considerate. But that isn't why she's been my inspiration lately. It's no secret that my Guy and I are trudging through a rough Fall. I always love him but sometimes it's dang hard to like him. Sissy A, who has no reason to have to give a rat's patoot, insisted we talk about it AND COME UP WITH MEANINGFUL SOLUTIONS. She spent hours on the phone with her supposed-to-be-older-and-wiser big sis and insisted on positive thinking rather than a bitch fest. She was my reminder to choose to see my spouse in a loving way. And I needed it.


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