No Casual Fridays 'Round Here

Friday, November 11, 2011

When will the visits end?! Boss lady is out of town and I'm still hosting things at her place! A crew of about 20 from a museum will be coming through for a tour of her collection. I had on a Friday-casual look this morning and then remembered I needed to look profesh. Dang it. All I want is to wear my jeans! And ill-fitting sweaters.

Skirt: Thrifted...Sweater: Banana Outlet...Belt: Target, I think...Boots: Biviel via Buffalo Exchange...Necklace: J Crew Outlet

There is, however, something comforting about having a smattering of chic, simple, easily-put-together black based items in one's closet. I am so glad I found this thrifted skirt, I think it has so much personality and is really easy to create outfits with, I just have to be careful not to wear it too frequently (I've been tempted!).

And for today's 30 Days Hath November: Day 11- Something I've Been Craving...
Well, that's not hard. I've been itching to get my hands on more thrifted bags and purses- my finds lately have been very skirt-centric and I have donated away most of my unused, "not ME" bags. My wish list is for black finds- I want them to be leather and I want them to be cheap. Too much to ask? Maybe, but I'm diving in full force to hunt this weekend!
via Simplychicforcheap, that's the kind of bag I crave finding!

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  1. That skirt is simply divine! I can see how easily that could be a wardrobe staple!


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