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Friday, November 11, 2011

Today, it got COLD. I was so chilled and crabby when I took the dog out this morning, I huffed back into bed, snuggled waaaay past my get-up-and-get-going timeline and vowed to wear something warm and fluffy. Thank goodness I decided to tuck and belt the sweater, this could have wound up really puffy and shapeless if I wasn't careful. Layers'll do that. The chill in the air did, however, give me the opportunity to take part in the EB:EW colored tights challenge. I love the other looks that are already posted!

Skirt: BCBGeneration via Buffalo Exchange.

Aaand look what I was pumped about trying out again. The brown booties. Crap, I'm in trouble. And one other note- this is the skirt that was up for debate waaaay back in this post. I think I made the right decision in bucking up the moolah, the repair at the base of the zipper was easy, the fit is superb, the color is the perfect grey.

Day 10 of 30 Days Hath November- My job is many things. It's a little scattered, a little crazy, a little needy, but I have been given amazing access to well known artists, curators, philanthropists, academics. I am the voice of this household. I am surrounded by beauty and creativity. For as exhausting as a lot of elements of this job can be, I understand and fully appreciate who I have been given inside access to. There is really no reason that I should have had the opportunity to speak over the phone to the director of MOMA. But I have. And that's pretty cool.

So, a snapshot of a few of the pieces of art in boss lady's home that I get to admire every day.

Great Room

Boss Lady, Installer Extraordinaire, and Wildly Talented Artist from right to left

Sweet, sweet housekeeping gals. I adore these women.


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