The perfect Lazy Saturday

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I had what could easily be classified as the perfect weekend day yesterday. I'm not joking. We got up early, but were able to sleep in a little. My coffee was delicious (I'm switching over from an enormous brew pot to a tiny french press- I'm still learning.) We rode bikes to the grocery to gather supplies to have friends over in the evening. Birds chirped and critters scurried around us like I was Snow White. My favorite grocery is the tiny Motown-music-playing Fiesta, and I waltzed up and down the aisles to "Jeramiah was a Bullfrog" and equally awesome and singable numbers. We ate lunch in the courtyard of our apartment with the beagle tied to a tree and roaming where he pleased. I wasted a good chunk of the afternoon reading outside, then noodled my way back in to find my guy diligently cleaning. With windows flung wide open, I joined and vaccuumed my way around every rug, corner, and piece of furniture. I was wrong yesterday- I threw away at least two cats-worth of pet hair and dust. More stalling and reading, minor naptime with birds chirping, and finally a leisurely meal prep. I made a red curry with potatoes, bamboo, onions and red pepper. And the largest quantity of rice we've ever made. Friends returning to town from trips home came over and we stuffed ourselves silly, sampled beers, chatted, laughed, played Apples to Apples, and were generally loud and cheerful. Good day, huh?

I think the perfect weather really aided my happiness with this outfit- Let's be honest, it's kind of just jeans and a tee. But I had such a nice day, so I guess I felt somehow more attractive. I'm not sure how that makes sense. 

Two notes- the ladies at Complex Cardigans and BiblioMOMia were my subliminal gurus today- between the scarf a la Jenn (which is thrifted Liberty of London, BTW) and LIPSTICK a la BiblioMOMia, I was a little more ladylike than usual. (And a quick trip down memory lane- when I was in ballet classes, by favorite instructor was this lovely, late-20-something woman who was elegant and strong. Each time she got pregnant, she would continue teaching until her belly was enormous and would dance in Converse instead of flats. I think of her every time I wear these kicks and photographed them accordingly)

Jeans: Gap Real Straight...Sweater: J Crew, thrifted...Converse: Gap...Scaft: Liberty of London, thrifted


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