Routine Maintenance

Friday, March 16, 2012

I had a whine-fest about this green cardigan several weeks ago... I think the fit problem has to do with the thicker nature of the fibers, the boxy cut, etc. But the key is clearly to button this bad boy nearly all the way up.

I'm glad I challenged myself to wear green daily this week, whether blatant or a little more subtle, it's a color I don't wear often, aside from the green cardigan I wore earlier for the EB:EW challenge. It's good to branch out and incorporate something a little different.

And thanks to some outdoor photos yesterday, I am now painfully aware of just how icky-looking my hair has become. I knew it was starting to feel a little straggly and I knew it was discolored, but I hadn't realized how long my roots got, how brassy it was and how badly I need a trim. I've tried 3 salons since I've been in Houston and have loved none of them, so last October, I purchased a pair of thinning shears and trimmed my hair myself. I may give it another whirl this weekend, but here's the question: box-o-dye- what color?! My norm is a medium ash brown, but that seems a little boring for spring. Whadaya think? My skin is so pink-based I can't pull off red, boo-hoo, but I can't decide if I should try out a lighter or darker tone.  I'm making my move on Sunday, tell me what you think!

Skirt: Gap, thrifted...Blouse: Odille, thrifted...Cardigan: Gap...Belt: Target...Shoes: Naturalizer


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