It's a Pain in my Neck

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Skirt: Beijing tailor...Blouse: Odille via Buffalo Exchange...Cardigan: thrifted...Bag: D&B via  Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: Nine West via Buffalo Exchange

This blouse is so incredibly weird. There's an almost menswear style hem detail, it has asymmetrical buttons, odd grecian-inspired wrap detail. But, I love it.

I slept on my neck funny on Friday. It still hurts (TUESDAY!!) to turn my head too far from side to side and I can't lift my chin enough for a decent kiss goodbye in the morning. I'm tired of sending my husband off for the day with a sour frown and a whine that I can't reach his face- he needs to squat his 6'4" self down to smooch on me. Silliness. Any tips or tricks to ease up this pinching strain? Heck, if you told me the trick was to jump one-legged and sing "Mary had a Little Lamb" I'd try it.

Actually, no I wouldn't. I'm only mildly gullible, made up solutions are only a little bit helpful and I will brand you a faker. And I know list of possible solutions and/or the word "gullible" are not written on the ceiling, thankyouverymuch.


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