OTI: Group Pick

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skirt: Gap, thrifted...Shirt: J Crew...Cardigan: Banana Republic, thrifted...Shoes: Seychelles via DSW...Earrings: Banana Republic

Um, yes. This inspiration was awesome, the chance to remind myself about this pleated skirt was awesome, gingham is awesome. Erica, Kayla and Grace- good call on sending one out to the masses!

Today is a big day, sort of. My Guy applied to a music teaching job in China and I'm responsible today for sending them physical copies of a DVD of his music and a DVD video of his site-specific performance. A sample curriculum and other qualifying documents will be emailed to the selection committee by the end of the month, they'll review materials from everyone and decide who goes from Round 2 to Round 3 (Interviews!). We're not holding our breath for anything, my husband isn't even through his comprehensive exams yet. Exam completion would classify him as ABD (all but dissertation) and most hiring universities won't follow through with anyone without their degree in hand, but it's an excellent learning process to go through the steps of preparing for a selection committee.

But, not bleeping up getting the materials mailed and slated to arrive on time is a big responsibility. Especially international mailing. Think good thoughts for me around 1:00 p.m.- I'll be in line at the post office getting ready to mail. Eep!


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