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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ever develop a style crush on someone whose "look" is wildly different from your own? Yeah, enter Amanda from Off Of Broadway. Everything she puts on her body looks like perfectly slouchy magic. That combo of loose top and slim skirt? It always always looks good on her. Strong shoulders, powerful runners' legs, long, boyish frame.

Here's where I've noticed I have figure deficiencies (and I fully own up to these being my own ridiculous assessment of why clothes I want to look good in will never be right for my body... I'm actually fine with my figure): 1. I have wider hips than I realized. I would need more of a boyish straight frame to make this combo work. I know I'm slim, but my hips are relatively bangin' for as little as I am. 2. My hands are huge, my wrists are little and my shoulders are narrow. Not a good combo for the type of wonderfully slouchy and oversized tops Amanda can rock, it kind of makes me look skeletal rather than ethereal. Important distinction. 3. My posture has become crap. And that's my own stupid fault.

So, I will admire and adapt. Slouchy sweater? No, but how about something straight rather than nipped in and fitted? Cool. Miniskirt? Heeeeck no, knobby knees, but let's shoot for a(nother) pencil skirt. I will, however, continue to swipe Amanda's awesome jeans, tee and heels looks. That's always a weekend win. Just click the link and scroll through a few posts... you'll know what I mean.

And that's why I love interpretations. Check out Erica, Kayla and Grace and all the other goodies linked up!

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  1. I love the 'slouchy' relaxed, yet so put together look you've come up with! The colors, the textures...lovely!


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