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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Skirt: Target...Tank: J Crew Outlet...Cardigan: Target...Belt: thrifted...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange...Shoes: J Jill via Buffalo Exchange

Oh, Target, you've dunnit again. This skirt is awesome. I even ordered two fall color online-only options (online shopping is my nemesis since so much fits so strangely, but ordering a duplicate... can do.) Who's pumped for stretchy skirt autumn dressing? (But, for now, let's enjoy the fact that I've worn a skirt for the first time in ages and managed to hide my hideous knee from view. Win-Win)

Also, guess who has a new (old) TV series to keep her company while her husband is studying like a madman? That would be me and it is a Bewitched Marathon over at the McClure house. It. Is. Awesome. I whet my appetite for 60's SitComs a few weeks ago, I found season two of Bewitched on Hulu and a link to some Gilligan's Island episodes (both of which, by the way, my Grandpa would record on VHS tapes for me and my sisters... even though he and Grandma lived out it the middle of the country in Southern Ohio and we lived in big-town Toledo, their satellite dish reception provided far more awesome television reruns than our bunny ears and basic TV). YouTube hooked me up with season after season of goodies, which mostly means I don't care nearly as much that my Guy has gone MIA.

Hope your Wednesday is lovely (and you had better be linking up with Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday, too!)


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