No Heat Curls Trainwreck

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pants: Gap...Tank: Odille via Buffalo Exchange...Cardigan: Target...Shoes: Calvin Klein via Buffalo Exchange...Scarf: Liberty of London via Buffalo Exchange...

In honor of hosting a sushi-making night with our friends, I dressed like a piece of salmon sushi with wasabi pants. Flattering? Don't care. It's an excuse to wear this weirdly awesome blouse.

Also, Grace, you lied big time, my friend. The no-heat curl trick was a biiiiiig bust. There was no semi-like, only a weird kinky curl at my ears and absurd flip at the ends. You led me very, very astray with your link to Melissa's flowing, beautiful hair. Please enjoy a post-it drawing of how mine turned out:

It was promptly yanked into this french braid (which I kind of like) but WHOOOO, the no-heat-curl-mess I started with was genuinely awful. 

Happy Thursday, you all!


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