Tuesday, August 14, 2012

With hair loosely based on this pin, I love the mashup of prim and proper hair with jeans. I'm working my way through hairstyles... because my tried, true and dull high bun secured with a crappy claw clip is flattering only about 25% of the time.

We have been housesitting for one of my Guy's professors during the second half of the summer and last night was the last time we had access to a nice washing machine and dryer- she's getting back today. Biiig bummer. I can't tell you how much better about life I felt with thoroughly cleaned clothes. The washing machine in our complex once took over 2 hours to finish a load and the whites and lights came out mud-tinged. Repulsive. And even though the nearest laundromat is right next to my fave coffee house, I hate coughing up almost double for using the machines. So, housesitting is an enormous treat. What gets you pumped about housesitting?


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