Saturday, August 4, 2012

Shorts: Target...Tank: Gap...Cardigan: Target...Belt: Target...Shoes: Nine West Outlet...Bag: D&B thrifted...Shades: Gap via TJ Maxx

I have a tough time with shorts. My legs are thin, pasty white and I have knobby knees. Notta once have you seen them on the blog... And there's a reason- I don't love them. Here are my other problems, usually shorts are too short, give me wedgies, crinkle up when I sit on them and I get so nervous about flashing the underside of my cheeks. I don't feel like I'm too picky, I just think it's inherently a problem with an article of clothing that makes contact with only your tush and chair with no extra fabric to tug down as you sit. 

So, I count these as a relative win- the inseam is longer than most, the leg is both straight down from the hip and straight across, none of this angled upward cut-off nonsense. I very rarely felt the urge to graze my rear with a hand to find out if I was exposed- the longer style (without being bermuda length) kept me covered. And I couldn't be more grateful... the Houston season of "95˚ high with 80% humidity" continues to swelter into October. And a good pair of shorts will benefit my weekends immensely. 


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