Weather and Problem Solving

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Skirt: Target...Sweater: thrifted...Jacket: Armani Exchange via Buffalo Exchange...Belt: Target...Shoes: Naturalizer...Scarf: Target...Bag: D&B via Buffalo Exchange

Another look that isn't quite a winner. I love this skirt for the comfort factor- soft, lined, long enough... but it sits just a little bit too low on my hips, which means things don't tuck in the way you think they ought to, belts don't hug your waist and stay in place if they have to sit on your hips, this sweater was just a little too loose at the elbows. Plus, the blue and black color thing make me think of a bruise. Whoops.

We have a cold front that rolled in. Finally. So, while my car rides just got way more pleasant with rolled down windows, I have to spend the next few days playing around with how on earth to dress for an office building. Will it still be air conditioned? Will they overcompensate for the nip in the morning air by pumping up the heat to 92? Will it remain right around 70 and I'll just be cold and crabby all the time? Air conditioned office buildings are really the worst. I know, First World Problems. I'll figure it out, though. Maybe the solution is to take a little blanket and leave it at my desk. Hmmmm...


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