5 Days 5 Ways Tops

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I toootally forgot Franziska and Whitney's 5 Days 5 Ways was getting started this week! I'm so pleased to dive on in and join the lovelies hanging out. I thought since I've worn it recently-ish, I might feature my green tank because it's so darn cheerful. It's one of those items in my closet that I may not document super-often, but I wear it like crazy. My wardrobe is mostly neutrals, but daaaang is it easy to throw this bad boy on and look put together. Loose green tank and skinny jeans? Tucked in green tank with a pencil skirt and cardigan? Green tank, oatmeal cardigan and slim cropped trousers? All pretty regular go-to's for spring and summer. I kind of can't wait to bust it out again.


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